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Washington Courts

In Washington, we have a variety of courts, including

Municipal courts (for incorporated cities), handling traffic and misdemeanor cases

County District Courts which handle small claims cases, traffic cases, civil cases up to $75,000 and criminal misdemeanor cases

Superior Courts which handle all types of civil and criminal cases

Courts of Appeal, and the

Supreme Court


Since we are an unincorporated part of King County, small claims, modest civil cases and misdemeanor cases are handled through the King County District Court located in Burien.  Larger cases are handled in the Superior Court located at 516 Third Avenue, Seattle, Wa 98103.


Our fees vary depending upon the type of case and other factors.  Injury cases are generally taken on a contingent fee basis.  No recovery, no fee.  Some matters, such as wills and trust preparation, are done on a flat fee basis.  Other cases typically are handled on an hourly fee basis, which can be part of the case discussion during the free initial consultation.

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